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The New Power Interview: Stuart Lacey, chief executive, Electralink

Electralink is a ‘central body’ that provides some of the data services that the energy industry depends on. Janet Wood spoke to chief executive Stuart Lacey about leveraging the industry’s data to provide better services and enabling innovation from existing and new players

When Stuart Lacey joined Electralink in 2010, it seemed as though company’s major activity on behalf of the industry might be about to fall away. The company was one of a handful of ‘central bodies’ set up at the time of energy privatisation to carry out services required by the new industry. In Electralink’s case, that meant the data transfer service (DTS), managing many of the key data flows across the industry – more complicated than it might appear, as they are up to 30 data flows in a change of supplier between parties as diverse as the meter owner, network and supplier. 

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