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New Power database

The New Power database includes nearly 2000 projects in the UK with capacity 10MW or above, and selected projects below that level (eg hydro, wave and tidal).

It covers all types of power projects: gas (CCGT, OCGT and small engines), coal, onshore wind, offshore wind, hydro, EfW, biomass, wave and tidal, etc) also interconnectors and storage.

You can sort entries by: project name; developer; project type; location; country (England, Scotland, Wales, N Ireland); original planned startup date; planned capacity; status (see below); actual startup; current capacity; etc.

Plant status is categorised as: proposed; applied (for planning permission); approved (planning permission); refused; public inquiry; cancelled; under construction; operable; mothballed; shut down.

You can perform a text search to find individual sites, locations, companies and other details such as Contracts for Difference or Capacity Market contracts.

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